Q. What is the Louisville Goes to College Fund (LGTC)?

A. The fund will provide both financial support and an opportunity for parents and their children to save for the child’s future educational goals.


Q. How does the Louisville Goes to College Fund build a foundation for a child to go to college?

A. Parents of kindergarten students, who contribute and invest $100.00 dollars per year until High School graduation or receiving a GED, will receive a matching grant of $100.00 per school year contributed by the Louisville Goes to College Fund, in addition to the yearly $100 investment made by LGTC.  For example:  If the student or parent contributes $50, then LGTC Fund will match $50, in addition to the yearly $100 investment made by LGTC.


Q.  If my child attends another school can I start an account with Louisville Goes to College Fund?

A.  The Fund is presently set up only for this year’s Kindergarten class and 1st Grade at Portland Elementary School.  The growth opportunity for the fund in the future is to bring Louisville Goes to College to the 20 lowest performing schools in Jefferson County Public Schools.


Q.  Can others that are not parents of child in the program make contributions?

A.  Yes.


Q. What is the possible financial educational asset growth?

A. An additional $500.00 will be contributed to the student upon High School Graduation or receiving a GED. The program guarantees that if a student has invested $100 for 13 years, a total of $5,000.00 interest accrued will be available for each student upon graduation.


Q.  What are the requirements for the student after graduation or receiving a GED to access the funds?

A. Students will be required to attend a Higher Educational Institution, etc. (JCTC, Sullivan, Spalding, IUS, Ivy Tech, Simmons, University of Louisville, UK, etc . Any Community College or University, Seminary, Vocational College, or trade school.)


Q. What is the program initiative?

A. To provide a system for savings and asset building, while creating a foundation for children to attend college.


Q. If my child leaves Portland Elementary will the account remain open and I can continue to invest with a matching contribution of up to $100?

A.  Yes.  Parents may continue to invest into the fund if their child transfers to another school.