Our Story

Louisville Goes to College [LGTC] is a post-high school education investment program founded to provide Portland Elementary kindergarteners and First Graders with enough money to go to college or to get a professional certificate after high school graduation.  The program funds also provide an opportunity for parents to save for their child’s future educational goals.

This pilot program, inspired by the students at Portland Elementary, is a model we hope to see replicated throughout the Jefferson County Public School system - and beyond!

Starting with Portland Elementary’s fall 2015 Kindergarten class, the Louisville Goes to College Fund will contribute a minimum of $100 per year into a savings account in each student’s name. This contribution will apply for the next 12-13 years for the benefit of each student’s higher education.  

Family and friends will also have an opportunity to contribute funds in a student’s name. For every $100.00 per year invested on a student’s behalf by family or friends, the Louisville Goes to College Fund will match an additional $100.00 per school year. This matching opportunity continues until student’s High School graduation or GED attainment.

LGTC’s contributions will only be available if student graduates high school or gets a GED, and then goes on to further education within five years. LGTC will provide an additional $500.00 upon high school graduation or GED attainment.   

If the annual investment of $100 is made on behalf of the student, LGTC guarantees the student will have at least $5,000 upon high school graduation to help with future education. These funds will be applicable to any institute of higher education, community college or University, seminary, vocational college, or certificate-giving professional school (such as a state cosmetology license or master plumber or electrician program).

The Louisville Goes to College program was created by Gill and Augusta Holland, in partnership with Park Community Credit Union, the Jefferson County Public Education Fund, and Portland Elementary.